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I don't have much to say but this was a very good job, I was amazed at the unique way you did that drum sequence, keep it up! <3

It seems that it is the first time that I listen to your music of this type, I loved how that Kalimba sounds (I think) and the melodies you composed were amazing and even relaxing, amazing job! <3

This doesn't sound bad at all, it surprised me a lot, I liked those 8-Bit melodies that you composed, reminded me a bit of the music of someone named Meganeko, very good job! :)

Hey, nice to see you here at Newgrounds, I hope you have a good time here. And by the way, this first attempt at Metalstep was not so bad, it's very epic, these guitar chords were really very powerful, as well as the growls, very good work! :D

Wow, I don't know what else to say about this, but it's a nice remix of the main theme of the videogame Among Us, I don't know what genre it is exactly, although I listen to a bit of Trance and Breakbeat at the same time, anyway very well done! <3

It's really amazing, this is very well made and also makes me relax, it reminds me a lot of the Lo-Fi songs that someone named Waterflame makes, amazing job OrangeFluff! <3

OrangeFluff responds:

Ohh, never knew Waterflame makes lofi, I should check it out
Thank you for listening >w<

Oh cool, I remember when you made this for a collaborative EP organized by a label, too bad the label got deleted, but I'm very happy to listen to it here again, this song is really great, and the melodies fits very much with the name of the song you gave it, it's certainly a very good job! <3

Wow, this remix didn't turn out too bad, the reworking of the melodies from the original was really amazing, I loved it a lot! :D

Oh great, a remix of a collaboration, I found it unexpected but also epic, I loved the melodies of this one, and the drops were also fabulous, very well done Vortonox! <3

Edit: I didn't see the full title until now, what I was listening to was a remix, I'm sorry hehe.

Vortonox responds:

not really a triple collab but my remix of a collab
tysm tho :D

Dracoflame responds:

I completely agree, SuperSoniker! This was an absolute banger, and I'm glad it's finished and released. :)

I don't know what else to say about this, but the intro sounded very cool, I liked that background ambiance, and the drop also sounded very good, what I liked the most was that melody of the banjo, nice job to you! :D

Hi, I'm SuperSoniker. I produce music of various subgenres of EDM. I hope you like all my songs.

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